30 Jan

Switching accountants

Is there alot of effort to switch accountants?

If you are using a qualified accountant - e.g. ACA ACCA AAT then moving accountants should not be too difficult because we are all bound by the `ethics` of the professional body that we belong to.

If you are not using a qualified accountant then, very occasionally, this could be more tricky. However, we have years of experience in dealing with this so there is really no need to worry.

Will I be charged for moving by the outgoing accountant?

No it is very unusual to be charged for moving. It would normally be regarded as `unethical` and not at all easy to enforce in a Court. (We have defended and won).

Can I be locked into a many years deal with an accountant?

We regard this approach as unethical and we would challenge any accountant on this. We have challenged in the past...

Can I change easily to you?

Yes you can - please call us on 01323 649509 and ask for Mark or Peter.

First meeting is free with no obligations. On site parking is free all day.