News in 2013:

6 Dec

Mark Underdown »

Welcome aboard It is great news that we have recently welcomed Mark Underdown to the team.

1 Aug

What’s so good about a Ltd Company? »

Choice regarding profits Limited Companies are a separate person for legal and tax purposes

8 Jul

What`s so good about being a Sole Trader »

Flexible use of losses Many businesses make a loss in the first few years.

31 May

Business Tax Dashboard »

HMRC’s Business Tax Dashboard was launched earlier this year.

28 Jun

Beware – Fake VAT & Tax Emails »

Scammers are busy improving the apparent authenticity of their emails

19 Apr

Simplified small business tax expenses »

Small businesses will be able to account for their income and expenses using a simplified cash-based regime.

16 Apr

Sleeping partners will now pay N.I. »

From 6 April 2013 all partners will be required to pay National Insurance.

8 Apr

HMRC to close all Tax Enquiry Centres »

HMRC plans to close all its Tax Enquiry Centres.