If you operate a Garage or an MOT centre, you will need an Accountant!

Dominic Hill has specialised as accountants for garages and MOT centres for many years. Arguably, with many clients in the field, we understandyour problems better than most. The benefit of using local accountants is that you can easily pop in and discuss things with us. However, with our offering of Skype, telephone and video conferencing, you can be located anywhere in the UK. Our UK customers reach across the length and breadth of the country from Eastbourne on the South coast, up to the Orkney Islands on the North Eastern coast of Scotland! Distance is not a barrier for our services, to garages and MOT clients.

We may be visiting with other clients in your area, so from time to time we are happy to make a time to drop in to see you, by appointment. We are at the end of the phone to help your garages and MOT business work smarter, by offering cloud-based digital bookkeeping, banking and invoicing services, with our partners at either Quickbooks or Xero, depending on your preference.

Accountants for garages and MOT centres

If you looking for accountants for garages and MOT centres and are thinking of going digital and trying out these services, we can offer training with either package so your garage or MOT centre business can make the most of the cloud-based software; speeding up invoicing, cash flow and record keeping.  Having specialist accountants for garages and MOT centres ensures that you are given expert advice from people who know your business thoroughly. 

Our clients within this industry have provided testimonials for us. Have a look at our testimonials page to see their opinion of us to help you make an informed decision. We are happy to offer all of our new clients a free initial meeting to discuss your business needs.


We do not outsource our work

We are a training employer and we develop local talent
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