At Dominic Hill we specialise in providing support and expert accountancy services for churches, as well as other places of worship for over 25 years. With over 35 different places of worship in Eastbourne alone, the area caters for an ever-growing number of different religions and faiths. Places of religious worship not only provide a spiritual service to parishoners, they also provides a vital lifeline to communities as a whole regardless of peoples faith or religious beliefs.

If you need Accountants for Churches come to Dominic Hill

Many places of worship will provide their facilities free of charge to charities or for hire to small businesses, clubs and societies.  But whether its to simply acquire more revenue to maintain or carry out essential repairs to many buildings of historical interest or to provide a service in the local community, we can help.

Places of worship can use their facilities such as church halls for many reasons - this can include providing homeless accomodation, adult education, charities, hobbies, dance classes, fitness studios and other non-profit making organisations, with a space to use regularly.  Just think of things such as Scouts or Girl Guides or coffee mornings, and clubs, to name but a few. When you think about it, churches can provide so much to the local community as a whole. There is certainly more potential for a church hall than just holding tea and chat in the morning after a Sunday service!

Bearing this in mind, at Dominic Hill we definitely have a vested interest to support church organisations like yours across the UK. We provide a service to help you either encourage business growth, plan ahead, to ensure a building stays open, find the money to carry out repair in gradual way or to educate or support worthwhile causes.

Because of this, we are happy to provide a free consultation to see where we could make or save your place of worship time and money.  Accountants can help churches by getting to know and understand the sometimes complex structures and different revenue streams a place of religious worship could be involved in - or are entitled to - to make ends meet. Our experts could save you a fortune in chargeable time, compared to other accountants` charges, who may take longer due to not fully understanding the complexities of the industry.

Certain parts of your operation could become eligible for a community interest company (CIC) and if that`s the case we help you make the step and become one as we specialise in this too! We are here for the long term, whatever the reason, contact us today for an appointment and a free consultation to see how we can help you.


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